We Wanted To Share

We have some family recipes that we wanted to share with you.  Recipes we have that we love to eat and share.


The ingredients you put into your food are important.  

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Chevon (Goat)

 Chevon (goat) is a meat that will take on the flavor of the spices used to prepare it. It is a very lean meat and is best when prepared in liquids such as herbed water or a sauce. It is an excellent choice for the busy family that relies on a crockpot for easy dinners. 

Lamb (Sheep)

Lamb is enjoyed around the world for its delicate flavor and soft texture. It can be cooked in moisture or roasted. Lamb is excellent cooked on the barbecue. It is typically lower-in-fat than pork, but not as lean as chevon. 


Beef provides 14 essential nutrients that your body needs every day. It contains Zinc, Iron, and Protein! Zinc helps to prevent early aging of skin and muscles. Iron helps to carry oxygen through the body. Protein is vital for muscle growth and provides great energy. 


Pork is pork is "the other white meat" and is a healthy alternative to red meat. When it is eaten in reasonable quantities a serving of pork can be quite good for you.Naturally raised pork is much leaner than its intensive farmed cousins. 


What can you say about chicken.  It is so very versitile.  Your choice of white or dark meat or use the whole bird.  Chicken has been consumed by humans since time recorded.  There are more ways to prepare chicken than any other food we eat.

Recipes From Mom's Garden

Nothing is better than vegetables fresh from the garden.  If you don't have access to a big yard to grow your own then there are options.  Such as planter gardens, raised beds, etc.  I grow my herbs in pots on my deck.  Easy access and saves walking out to my huge garden for a pinch of what I need for the super pot..